90 Day HyperNerd Strength Program
Total cost: $19.00

90 Day HyperNerd Strength Program

12 Weeks/ 4 Days a Week/ Beginner to Intermediate

Why Purchase

This will be a Level 1, 12-week, self-driven lifting program designed to build muscle, increase your skill level and drive the results that you’ve been looking for.
There are many phases to this program each with a different focus. Each phase will have a strength, mobility and accessory component. Be sure to pay attention to all reps and sets as the progression system is based specifically on the paradigm of Progressive Volume Training.

Be sure to:
- Track of your progress!
- Focus on form first.
- Hydrate and fuel your body properly.


• Dumbbells
• Barbell + Weights
• Strength Bands
• PVC Pipe (for mobility)
• A weight bench that has an incline setting.
• Workout appropriate attire


• 90 Day Lifting Program
• Links to Demo Videos
• Sample Nutrition Guide

90 Day HyperNerd Strength Program
Total cost: $19.00